Center Creek 201 Board

The Center Creek 201 Waste Water Board is a multi-municipal agency organized under chapter 201 of the Federal Clean Water Act that establishes the authority for agencies to form joint waste water plants and allows for shared costs. The muncipal participants are Webb City, Oronogo, and Carterville. Each of the Mayors have a seat on the governing board along with at-large members appointed by each community. The board is responsible for funding operations and maintenance of the plant and has a inter-agency agreement that divides those costs among each community based from the amount of flow. 

The Center Creek 201 Board meets at 5:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at Webb City City Hall, located at 200 S. Main Street, Webb City, Mo. 64870. 

Webb City has five voting members, Oronogo has two members, and Carterville has three members. 

Webb City Members: 
Lynn Ragsdale, Mayor
Rod Surber, Secretary
Ed Sumpter 
Aaron Rice 
Gary White 

Oronogo City Members: 
Charles Wilkins, Mayor 
Mark Lloyd 

Carterville City Members: 
Alan Griffin, Mayor 
Brian Bowman 
Larry Wald 

Advisory Member: 
Eric DeGruson-Anderson Engineering 

Webb City Stafff Members: 
Carl Francis, City Administrator 
William Runkle, Wastewater Director 
Josh Farley, Superintendent