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Webb City's Annual Spring Clean-Up week

Webb City’s Annual City Wide Clean-Up Week Scheduled for May 15 - 19, 2017!

In preparation for our City Wide Clean Up, our trash provider, WCA, will be helping with an expanded curbside pick up the week of May 15-19. For this ONE WEEK ONLY, in addition to what you normally dispose of in your polycart, WCA will increase the number of items they will pick up. Examples of what they will take: Couch, Chairs, Tables, Carpet (rolled, bundled, and dry) and other miscellaneous items.

Items WCA will not accept: Tires, Appliances, Paints, Chemicals, Batteries.

WCA asks residents to understand that discarded items should be of reasonable weight limits so their staff can handle the items, as well as not placing so much refuse that their staff will have difficulty finishing their routes.

If you have “mountains” of trash to get rid of, do not place it at the curbside. Instead, you are to take advantage of our Clean-Up Event on May 20th. The Code Enforcement Office will contact individual residences if too much trash is at the curbside.