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Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Property Tax Levy  Monday, August 24,2015

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Webb City, Missouri is located on historic Route 66 on the Ozark Plateau in the Southwest corner of Missouri. It is approximately 200 miles southwest of the center of population of the United States and near the geographical center of the country.  Located next to Joplin, five miles east of the Kansas state line, eight miles northeast of the Oklahoma state line and 40 miles north of the Arkansas state line; Webb City provides convenient access to most of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Notice of Public Hearing


A Public Hearing will be held at 5:30 P.M., Monday, August 24, 2015 at City Hall , 200 South Main,

Webb City, Missouri, in the Council Chambers, at which time citizens may be heard on the proposed

property tax levy to be set by the City of Webb City. 


Assessed Valuations                                  Prior Year 2014                           Current Year

Real Estate – Residential                                  69,262,280                              71,054,850

Real Estate – Agriculture                                       143,110                                   133,920

Real Estate – Commercial                                 26,064,200                              27,608,320


Local/State Assess RR/Utilities

Local Valuations                                                        1,640                                       1,640

State Valuations                                                  2,840,332                                3,149,056


ASSESSED TOTALS                                     98,311,562                             101,947,786



Funds                        Prior Year Levy             Proposed Levy                        2015 Anticipated


General                           0.3787                          0.3787*                       $               386,076      

Library                            0.2550                          0.2550*                       $               259,967

Parks                               0.0859                          0.0859*                       $                 87,573


FUND TOTALS            0.7196                         0.7196*                        $              733,616





*  This rate is subject to change due to the receipt of subsequent information or upon notice from

the Missouri State Auditor’s Office.


Tracy C Craig

Finance Director

City of Webb City


POSTED:  July 29, 2015 – City Hall, Library, Fire Station, Police, Senior Center,

Website:  webbcitymo.org., & Webb City R-7 School District Central Office