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Cash Mob Peace Frogs
1206 W MacArthur Dr, Webb City, MO 64870

The Webb City Area Chamber of Commerce is collaborating with local businesses to host several cash mobs and lunch mobs. Cash mobs started as a spinoff of the popular “flash mob” movement. Instead of getting people together to do a dance or do some other creative expression, cash mobs get people to “spontaneously” infuse some cash into the local economy. The idea is simple: gather a large group of people to descend on a business in a short time span, and have each person spend $10 – $20 in cash at that business. The goal is to bring the community together to support these great local businesses. A lunch mob is based on the cash mob concept. A group of people converge on a business (in this case a business that serves lunch) at a predetermined date and time, buys a meal and meet fellow “Mobbers”. The chamber will host either a cash mob or lunch mob on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

The Webb City Chamber’s first cash mob will take place at Peace Frogs, located at 1206 W MacArthur Dr, Webb City on Tuesday, February 19th from 10 am – 11 am