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Carson & Barnes Circus Saurus 2017 World Debut
Centennial Park - Historic Route 66 & East Road

​Carson & Barnes Circus Saurus

The family of the Carson & Barnes Circus is proud to present the World Debut of CircusSaurus. We invite you to be our guest as we transform the circus Big Top into a time machine and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Not only will you be amazed by daredevils on the Wheel of Destiny, you will laugh at our merry maker of mirth and sit in awe as the Coronel sisters maneuver their Rolling Globes up a 45 degree incline. Aerial Artists will soar to new heights at the apex of the Big Top and those that were once extinct will re-emerge once again right before your eyes. As we take you back millions of years, the Big Top will come alive with powerful dinosaurs and the legendary Wooly Mammoth. For the first time anywhere Tyrannosauruses. Deinoychus, Wooly Mammoth and Asian Elephants will come together to enchant and captivate hearts of all ages. The extinct giants of the past and the endangered giants of today unite to create an unbelievable exhilarating voyage. Do not miss this opportunity; for once it’s gone it too will be extinct…

There is nothing more rewarding than watching the glow in the eyes of the children who are witnessing circus magic for the first time. Don’t miss the premiere production of CircusSaurus!

Discount tickets are available now by visiting For more information, call 580-743-7292

Military and Senior Discounts also offered!