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As Street & Water Utilities Director, Rick Roth oversees the construction and maintenance of approximately 72 miles of Webb City Streets. Many people think only of paving when it comes to street maintenance. However, actual maintenance of the streets includes sweeping, weed control, crack sealing, spot repairs, as well as asphalt overlays. During the winter months our crews work around the clock when necessary to clear snow and ice for those needing to drive during inclement weather. Budgetary and other resource constraints limit the number of miles of streets that can be addressed for major repairs in any given year. Typically, over the last two decades, most major street repairs have been subcontracted to large paving companies. However, the City is in the process of acquiring equipment and training that will permit our own crews to do much more and, therefore, more efficiently utilize precious tax payer dollars.

Eddie Kreighbaum is the Construction Superintendent for the City. He oversees all the construction ventures the City is in connection with, as well he is responsible for the Street Dept. employees and their work projects. Eddie served for years as the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, and still oversees that department. Eddie can be reached at Becky Eckler is the Administrative Secretary for Public Works. Becky oversees Public Works offices and bills. Becky can be reached at Tina Knight is our Permits Clerk for building permits; etc. Tina also serves as secretary for Planning and Zoning and Board of Adjustments. Tina can be reached at

Water Department contacts are: Tim Bailey Charlie Brown and Dennis Clifford


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