211 W. Broadway,
Webb City, MO

The Webb City Police Department is a Law Enforcement agency whose personnel are dedicated to equally and objectively providing service and protection, upholding the laws and Constitutions of the United States, the State of Missouri and the City of Webb City to promote a safe and secure environment for the public.

Contact Us:

Chief Don Melton

211 West Broadway

Webb City, Missouri 64870

Phone: 417-673-1911

Fax: 417-673-5140


Special Response Team (SRT)

The Webb City Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) was formed in 2008 in order to meet the changing needs of the community. Currently staffed with ten officers, the team is commanded by Chief Don Melton.

Mission Statement

The Webb City Police Department Special Response Team is a support resource within the Police Department. It shall be responsive to the needs of the entire Police Department, and shall also be available to any local, regional, state or federal law enforcement agency upon request and approval of the Chief of Police or his/her designated representative.

The services of the Webb City Police Special Response Team are specifically directed towards situations of demonstrated violence and force, or potential violence and force recognized as necessitating a disciplined team effort utilizing specialized training, tactics and equipment.

 The primary objective of the Webb City Police Special Response Team shall be to solve the problem as quick as possible, using whatever means are available, whatever force is reasonable and necessary, with minimal risk to all involved.

The Webb City Police Special Response Team shall be committed to community and officer safety

D.A.R.E. / School Resource


Webb City Municipal Code is at your fingertips. If you have a question that you need answered look no further. Click here to search.

506 S. Ellis

(417) 673-2254

Mission Statement

It is the Webb City Fire Department’s mission to educate and protect its citizens from the loss of life and property. We are dedicated to the public by constant training and preparation to meet the needs of the citizens of this great City.

Our department does not have any roads closed at this time. Thank you

Monthly Newsletter​

The City of Webb City offers a yard waste disposal facility located at 2100 N Madison (enter through the same gate as the waste water treatment plant) for local residents of Webb City, Carterville, and Oronogo. Residents can dispose of limbs, brush, bushes, and leaves at the facility. Dumping of construction waste, trash, metal, furniture, etc. at the yard, is against City Ordinance, and violators will be cited! Please follow directions of signs, and barricades when recycling yard waste.

​Council Packet March 13, 2017

​Council Packet March 13, 2017

​Carl Francis, City Administrator

P.O. Box 30

Webb City, MO


​Kim DeMoss, City Clerk

P.O. Box 30

Webb City, MO 64870


City Hall/ Fire Department

Fire History

The first Webb City Fire volunteer fire department was established in 1889 under the leadership of Fire Chief Henry Wonner. Webb City Fire Department became an all-paid department in 1899. This was also the first year the department received their first hose wagon and horses. In 1910 the citizens of Webb City voted on a bond issue to purchase the first auto fire apparatus and a ladder truck for $10,000.00 Both the auto and the ladder truck were on display at the International Association of Fire Chiefs Convention in Syracuse, New York prior to their delivery in the late summer and early fall of 1910. It was state of the art for it’s time with warning bells, headlights, hose reel and fire-fighting equipment. It came in vermillion red with gold leaf lettering. The Fire Department was housed in various locations until 1975. In 1975 the city purchased land behind the City Hall and built a new Fire Station. The department remained there until 2004 when the old station was replaced by new one at 506 S. Ellis Street. The new station has six drive thru bays and eight individual bedrooms. The station houses the newest Engine a Ferrara Pumper, two Freightliner Engines, one E One ladder Truck, F-350 Brush Truck, Ford F-150 Battalion Chiefs Truck, and the Chief’s vehicle. We also house two ambulances which are staffed by outside personnel. The department has a staff of 19 full-time personnel. The department is led by Fire Chief Andrew Roughton and Battalion Chief’s Jackie Clark, Mark Metsker, and Brett Pinion

Insurance Services Organization Rating

The ISO rating is the measuring tool used by Insurance Companies to set rates for Homeowner’s and Businesses based on our fire protection resources. The lower the rating the better the rates. After years of continued support from our City Council, City Management, Water Department, and Citizens the hard work of our fire department paid off with a notice from ISO that Webb City would have a Fire rating of Three (3) beginning June 1 2008.

110 E. Church, Webb City, Missouri

417-673-6297 (Public Works)

Wastewater Collections at this location

(Wastewater Treatment Facility located on North Madison)

The City of Webb City wastewater collection system consists of a total of 63 miles of pipe, 9 lift stations, and over 1000 manholes. This vital infra-structure is put in place to maintain sanitary conditions for the important residents of our city. This entire collection system was recently surveyed having the physical location and elevation recorded by a sophisticated GPS (Global Position System) unit so that this information could be added to a GIS (Geographic Information system) data base. This data base which includes electronic mapping will be invaluable to assist the waste water department in quickly finding sewer manholes that are buried, and for designing future main line replacements, and extensions of the collection system.

The wastewater collections department consists of a five man crew who professionally serve the residents by maintaining the system in the best possible condition they can. Their assignments are to inspect, clean, replace, and maintain our collection system. The crew is able to perform these duties repectively along with responding to emergency calls, and replacing broken down sections of sewer pipe. The crew utilizes several pieces of equipment to accomplish these great tasks which includes: a powerful rodding machine to break up tough roots, a large truck equipped with a high pressure nozzle to clean the inside of sewer mains, this same truck is also equipped with a large 10 inch vacuum hose to remove any roots, grease or other debris from the sewer main the nozzle breaks loose while cleaning, a remote controlled camera to travel inside of sewer mains to inspect, and record the conditions of pipes, and manholes for cracks, or clogs.

To replace, and install new sewer mains the crew has procured a backhoe, an excavator, and two dump trucks. Under the direction of Director William Runkle this important work is orchestrated by Superintendent: John Pottorff, and Foreman: Darren Chitwood, along with three laborers. Between both John and Darren they have more than 55 years combined experience in the construction and utility industries. John has worked in both the construction, and municipal industries; Darren has worked in construction, municipal, and private sector utility industry for 30+ years.

This invaluable crew was assembled to help remediate one of the greatest challenges of collection systems everywhere across the country; caused by an aging infrastructure, and old outdated plumbing practices of the time. This challenge has an acronym called SSO’s and it stands for Sanitary Sewer Overflow; an unsanitary situation where, during high rain events, some singular locations in the system cannot fully contain both the waste water and rain water. During an SSO, the water will surcharge, or overflow through a manhole. This event is primarily caused by a situation with another acronym - I&I which stands for Inflow & Infiltration. Inflow is caused from storm water drains being connected to the sanitary sewer system instead of being connected to a separate storm water system. Infiltration is caused by pipes 50 to 100 years old or more, that are cracked and broken down which allows ground water to enter in to the collection system. During a rain event you could see how this could present a very big problem. Because of the potential public health hazard, residents are strongly
encouraged to call the wastewater department if they witness water discharging from a manhole.

We also contract with specialized companies who can install a permanent liner inside of the sewer main in areas where it makes more sense to line vs. digging the main up and replacing it. These are the more congested areas and where the sewer main is extremely deep in the ground.

For questions or concerns about our wastewater system please call 673-6297.

To see Webb City, Missouri’s Municipal Codes, CLICK HERE!

Have a plan & do not wait until the weather radio alerts or outdoor warning sirens sound to seek shelter away from your residence.

The FEMA Community storm shelters at Crowder College (600 South Ellis), Webb City High School-Cardinal Dome (621 North Madison), & at Madge T James Kindergarten Center (211 West Aylor) in Webb City along with the shelter at the Truman complex (810 North Highway D) in Oronogo and the shelter at the Carterville Elementary School (210 East Hall) will be opened before the outdoor warning sirens are sounded when Webb City is in the projected path of a National Weather Service issued Tornado Warning or Severe Weather Event with life threatening winds (in excess of 75 mph).

Smaller unmanned shelters will be opened the day of projected severe weather and they are located at 1060 North Madison (Webb City Public Works); 300 North College (Webb City Head Start); & Liberty & Daugherty (just north of the old Filling Station).

FEMA regulations do NOT allow for pets in any of the shelters; provisions will be made for service animals.
Stay tuned to your favorite weather news service for updates.


Webb City:
Crowder College – 600 South Ellis
Madge T. James Kindergarten Center – 211 West Aylor
Cardinal Dome at Webb City High School – 621 North Madison

Small Shelters: (transferred from the FEMA Housing)

1060 North Madison (Webb City Public Works)

300 North College (Webb City Head Start)

Liberty & Daugherty (just north of the old Filling Station)

Truman Complex – 810 North Highway D

Carterville Elementary – 210 East Hall

The FEMA Community storm shelters will be opened before the outdoor warning sirens are sounded when Webb City is in the projected path of a National Weather Service issued Tornado Warning or Severe Weather Event with life threatening winds (in excess of 75 mph).

Have a plan & do not wait until the weather radio alerts or outdoor warning sirens sound to seek shelter away from your residence.

FEMA regulations do NOT allow for pets in any of the shelters; provisions will be made for service animals.

Stay tuned to your favorite weather news service for updates.


Our mission is to expand, retain and advocate for our economic base, support our educational programs and promote the quality of life in our community.

  • Governed by a 20 member board of directors
  • 5-person executive committee that meets monthly
  • 9 committees to help carry out the mission of work
  • 2 Full Time Staff
Credit:Cardinal Scale - Designer: Asia Sansalone


The Webb City Chamber is celebrating 100 Years in 2017 and as part of our celebration we had several chamber members submit designs for a logo and then had the membership vote for their favorite! So here is our official 100 Year Logo!!

What to Do During a Tornado

If you are under a tornado WARNING, seek shelter immediately!

FEMA Tornado Information Site

If you are in a structure (e.g. residence, small building, school, nursing home, hospital, factory, shopping center, high-rise building) then go to a pre-designated shelter area such as a safe room, basement, storm cellar, or the lowest building level. If there is no basement, go to the center of an interior room on the lowest level (closet, interior hallway) away from corners, windows, doors, and outside walls. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Get under a sturdy table and use your arms to protect your head and neck. Do not open windows.

If you are in a vehicle, trailer, or mobile home then get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building or a storm shelter. Mobile homes, even if tied down, offer little protection from tornadoes.

If you are outside with no shelter then lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands. Be aware of the potential for flooding. Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You are safer in a low, flat location. Never try to outrun a tornado in urban or congested areas in a car or truck. Instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter. Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatalities and injuries.

Tornado/Severe Weather Sheltering

Once the tornado sirens are sounded, an officer with the Webb City Police Department will open the Webb City Public Library at 101 South Liberty Street as an emergency storm shelter. An officer will remain at the shelter until the severe weather threat has passed.

Those wishing to open a new business in Webb City need to bring a completed Business License Application to City Hall located at 200 S. Main Street.​

WEBB CITY Population Statistics

11,165 (2015 Census Update)

Jasper County Population

116,398 (2015 Census Update)

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Checklist for Starting a Small Business in Webb City, MO

Owning and operating a small business can be a tremendously fulfilling and rewarding way of life, but it is not always an easy one. A great deal of thought and research should go into making a decision that will affect you and your family for a long time to come.

Consider that:

· The failure rate for new start-up businesses is high.

· If you need financing, you will be expected to provide 20% or more of the total funds and you will be ex-pected to personally guarantee repayment. Grants to start a for-profit

business enterprise are virtually non-existent. Even not-for-profit businesses can expect intense competition for funding.

· It is normal for small businesses not to earn a profit in the first two years.

· The number one reason that small businesses fail is because they did not have enough working capital to survive the first two years of operation.

Have you realistically considered both the advantages and disadvantages of owning and operating your own business? If not, the time to do so is before, not after, you have committed yourself.

This document provides information on the most common federal, state and local requirements to begin business operations. It is impossible to list all of the requirements for every type of business – you are strongly encouraged to contact the resource providers listed in this document for detailed information and assistance.

Before you take any steps to register your business, we recommend that you begin by reading the publication “Starting a New Business in Missouri” which can be found at:


Contact with local (county, city, or township) government agencies early in the planning stages of your business is very important. This contact will provide you with information that is essential to your business operation including local licensure, zoning and permitting requirements.

Most cities, and some counties, require businesses to be licensed. Check with the city clerk (if your business will be located with the city limits) and/or the county clerk for the requirements in your community and county. The City Clerk can be contacted at 417-673-4651. The County Clerk can be contacted at 417-358- 0416.

It is also important that you check with your city/county Planning and Zoning office (417-673-6297) to make sure that the location you have selected for your new business is zoned appropriately for your business activity. If the proposed site is not in compliance, you must apply for a permit to change the current zoning. Some communities have specific limitations on home-based businesses.

If you plan to build a new building or alter an existing building, a building permit will be required.

For more information on the requirements to start and operate a business in Jasper County, please contact:

Jasper County Clerk’s Office, County Courthouse

Carthage, MO 64836


As you proceed through the process of start-ing your business, use the following checklist as a guide to make sure that you have cov-ered all the requirements for starting your business.


Prepare a written business plan, includ-ing a marketing plan.

Estimate your start-up costs.

Select an attorney and accountant.

Obtain local business licenses through the city or county government.

Check on local zoning ordinances, regu-lations, building permits and fire codes through the city or county government.

Determine whether your business re-quires a state or federal license or permit to operate. Also check on state or federal regulations that may affect your specific type of business.

Select a banking institution and open a business account.

Select your business fiscal year.

Register your business with the Missouri Secretary of State by determining the legal structure of your business (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, or corporation) and file necessary forms and paperwork with the Secretary of State’s Office. Forms and online registration options can be found on the web at: Information on the ad-vantages and disadvantages of each legal structure is available at:

Depending on your business structure:

Corporations must hold an organizational meeting to adopt by-laws, elect Board of Directors and corporate members, managers and/or officers, etc.

An LLC holds an organization meeting to adopt operating agreement, distribute membership certificates, elect company members and/or managers.

If forming an S Corporation, file IRS Form #2553 with the IRS within 75 days. Visit for more information on forming a Sub Chapter S Corporation.

Most businesses will require a Federal Identification Number (EIN). Available from the IRS at Select “Employer ID” and then follow the instructions to apply online (IRS Form SS-4).

The Missouri Department of Revenue and the Missouri Division of Employment Security offer a co-registration site that allows you to register for and obtain several key numbers (e.g., Sales Tax, Employer ID, etc.) through one registration. This “co-registration” site is found at:

You will need to apply for a sales tax number and/or use tax if you will be selling at retail or wholesale. Registration and more information is available from the Missouri Department of Revenue at

If hiring employees:

Determine the wage and hour laws from the state and federal government;

Obtain report to determine liability status (unemployment tax) with the state;

Check the requirements on Worker’s Compensation Insurance with the state;

Have each employee complete an I-9 Em-ployment Eligibility Verification Form

Contact an insurance agent regarding fire, accident, liability, theft, and other types of commercial insurance.

Find out how OSHA laws affect your business

​Retail Trade Area (RTA) Population - 2015 Estimates

5 Mile Radius 68,205

10 Mile Radius 94,769

15 Mile Radius 102,050

Joplin MSA 177,211

RTA Race Distribution

Caucasion 93,518

Black 2,693

Indian 1,365

Asian 884

Islander 205

Other 1,241

Two or more 3,340

RTA Veteran Population

Webb City 886

5 Mile Radius 4,884

10 Mile Radius 6,646

15 Mile Radius 7,153

Joplin MSA 12,892

Age Distribution - 2015 Estimates

Webb City Median Age….............32.4

Webb City Average Age…............36.1

5 Mile Radius Average Median Age…............36.2

10 Mile Radius Average Median Age…............36.0

15 Mile Radius Average Median Age….............38.5

Joplin MSA…............37.5

Webb City Age Distribution

9 years & younger…............1,920

10 - 19…............1,675

20 - 24…............865

25 - 34…............1,645

35 - 44…............1,391

45 - 54…............1,351

55 - 64…............1,043

65 & older…............1,275

RTA Age Distribution

9 years & younger…............16,177

10 - 19…............13,512

20 - 24…............8,129

25 - 34…............14,386

35 - 44…............12,190

45 - 54…............12,841

55 - 64…............10,817

65 & older…............13,998

Income - 2015 Estimates

Webb City Median Household $37,854

5 Mile Radius Average Median Household 46,472

10 Mile Radius Average Median Household 43,450

15 Mile Radius Average Median Household 44,180

Joplin MSA Average Median Household 41,927

​Webb City Sales Tax Revenue






RTA Sales Tax Revenue





​Educational Attainment - 2015 Estimates

High School Graduate or Higher Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Webb City 86.1% 15.8%

5 Mile Radius (average %) 86.1% 20.0%

10 Mile Radius 84.9% 20.6%

15 Mile Radius 85.0% 20.3%

Joplin MSA 85.4% 19.9%

Economic Development

• Ideally located for those with transportation needs.

• More than 1000 acres of prime commercial real estate, available for development is located along the U.S. 171 and South Madison/Range Line corridors.

• Highway 249 interchange access with East/West highway access by Interstate 44 and Highway 171 giving a Webb City manufacturer/entrepreneur easy transportation
access in all directions.

• Immediately to the west sits the Joplin Airport.

• Webb City boasts a well-trained workforce with a solid work ethic that has been praised by those who have invested in the city.

• Reasonable utility rates are a plus for large and small operations.

• Pro-business city government.

The Chamber and the City’s Economic & Community Development Office work hand in hand to assist business owners and those who wish to establish businesses in Webb City. Whether it is a small venture or large manufacturer the city and chamber are ready to assist.

Joplin Regional Partnership
Webb City is a member of this 7 county partnership that markets the region for the purpose of business attraction. They identify and help companies evaluating locations for relocation or expansion. The JRP provides site selection assistance, tax and business incentive information, connections to important contacts for the region, business data and access to helpful resources for workforce recruitment and training. For more information, or 417-624-4150


Carl Francis, City Administrator at 417-673-4651,

Or Erin Turner, Economic & Community Coordinator at 417-673-1154,


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