Public Works Building

1060 N. Madison, Webb City, Missouri

(417) 673-6297

Street, Storm water, Electrical, Water, Inspections & Building, Occupancy and Sign Permit information can be found at this location.

The Public Works Department provides a wide array of services that make life safe and comfortable for the residents and businesses of Webb City. These services include water distribution, wastewater removal and treatment, street and alley construction and maintenance, snow removal, and storm water management. The Code Enforcement division issues permits, conducts building and construction inspections, and ensures the safety of our community through the enforcement of the Municipal Code. In addition, the department supervises and maintains the city cemeteries.

The City’s water, wastewater and stormwater programs are operated under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permits granted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Click here to see the Consumer Confidence Report/Water Quality Report. A paper copy can be obtained by calling the Public Works office at 417-673-6297.

Webb City Public Works Department

1060 N. Madison

Webb City MO 64870

Phone: 417-673-6297

Fax: 417-673-6294


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